What is virgin hair?

The term virgin hair refers to hair that has been untouched by chemical processes such as dyes, perms, and relaxers. Our Pure Virgin Hair is selected for highest quality in the marketplace.

How are Hair length measured?

The Straight Textures are measured true to length, from weft to ends. All Curly, Body Wave, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave textures are measured when hair is pulled straight, then from weft to ends.

What is the difference between the Krown Lux Kollection vs. Royal Kollection

Krown Lux Kollection 4oz-4.2oz
Is a collection of the highest quality Virgin Indian Hair on the Market, Period at 4oz-4.2oz. The Lux collection sustains the ultimate luxury quality and ranges from 10-38 ’inches and it comes in its natural donor textures of straight, wavy and curly textures which have NEVER been chemically altered/Processed or steamed process ed. Additionally, we have Indian closures made with the same exact Indian hair.
Royal Kollection 3.5-3.7oz
Is a collection of highest quality of Virgin Brazilian, Malaysian and Vietnamese Hair? The Royal collection ranges from 10-26’inch and comes in Straight, Wavy, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Spanish Wavy and Curly textures. This Kollection of hair has been steamed only to create the intended curl pattern and have never been chemically altered or processed.

Can KWEENDOME hair textures be straightened?

YES, this is 100% Human Hair, so treat it as your own. You can curl and straighten the hair as desired. All KWEENDOME Curly, Body Wave, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave textures can be straightened. After wetting or washing natural curly pattern will resume.
All LUX Kollection hair has NO steam processing, it is raw and natural, curl patterns are natural from the donor and no two bundles are identical, and if straighten the natural pattern returns.
All Royal Kollection hair has been steamed to create the intended curl pattern. Over time with constant blow drying, may lose some of the curl pattern, the same as human hair grown from the root.

Can KweenDome hair be died?

YES, you can color our hair. Our hair is 100% virgin hair of premium quality and has never been chemically treated and it can therefore handle the coloring process very well. However, it will no longer be virgin once you color or process the hair. If you chemically alter your hair, we HIGHLY recommend you use a professional colorist and proceed only after the stylist completes a strand test as this will allow you to test how your Virgin hair extensions will hold up to the chemicals applied.

How much hair do I need to order?

The Rule: longer hair equals shorter weft width, our bundles are measured by the ounces-OZ. For a full sew in weave or wig we recommend buying 2-3 bundles of hair. For hair over 22″, we recommend ordering: Lux Kollection 2-3 bundles (3 bundles of the Lux collection are at least 12oz.) and Royal 3-4 bundles of hair. 
Also, take into consideration that the numbers bundles needed also depends on the style, leave out, closure/frontal uses, volume and personal preference desired. For example, if you want a celebrity weave with a lot of volume and layers, you will need at least 3 bundles of the Krown Lux and at least 4 bundles of the Royal hair.

What is the time frame for delivery?

Please allow 1-2 days for processing and once completed you will receive your order within 5-7 business days excluding holidays. We also offer Next Day Shipping some products. We will email your tracking number once your hair has been processed and shipped. If it is a special order, or hair that is not in stock, please allow 7-10 business days.

How do I return or exchange?

NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS. We exercise a very strict quality control process to ensure that our clients receive only the best virgin hair. Please see our return policy.

What Customer Service Hours?

We are available via phone 10 am – 7pm M-F Eastern Standard & 10am – 3pm Sat & Closed Sun. You may email us or Direct Message us on Instagram after hours and we will respond within a few hours. You may order 24/7 via our website.