Welcome to KweenDome where “Only Quality is Krownd” . We dedicated to making every Kween elevate their beauty and dear to be chic. KweenDome believes that when you look good, you feel and when you feel good Kweens do. We provide highest quality of 100% virgin hair and 3DMink Lashes. KweenDome Virgin Hair is never chemically processed. Our superlative customer service is devoted to meeting each client’s expectation and providing Kweens with the highest level of service. We take pride in supplying you with highest quality of Luxury Virgin hair and lashes. We are beyond confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase and our services.


Our Hair

KweenDome is committed to providing the Highest Quality of Virgin Hair on the Market. Our hair is pure, 100% virgin hair that has never been mixed, chemically processed or altered.You will never find a synthetic or animal fiber mixed in our hair. KweenDome Hair is 100% Remy hair, it does not tangle.  Our hair has all the attributes of natural flowing hair. It wears and washes with ease with all cuticles running the same direction from root to end. It is sewn onto the weft in the same direction your hair grows, so it falls effortlessly. Remy hair is all natural. Each and every piece of our hair has the cuticle intact. There is no silicone coating process involved. Our hair is unprocessed, clean, fresh and natural with absolutely no silicone process involved to interfere with the natural beauty and attributes of the hair.


Premium Quality Virgin Hair Extensions from India and South East Asia

KweenDome’s hair extensions are unparalleled because the virgin hair used only has cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair and guarantees natural wave, fullness, luster and remarkable usability. Our hair is light in weight and supple which gives it natural flow and movement. Chemically free, our hair will enhance the length, color and texture of your natural hair leaving you with a flawless and refined weave or hair extension style. With proper care and maintenance, both our Known Lux and Roya Kollections can be reused up to at least a year while remaining manageable, lustrous and strong. It can be washed, blow dried, curled, flat ironed, colored and permed while still maintaining its original beauty and